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Talavera Pottery Store is a sister store to Pottery Express that is committed to providing customers across the Continental U.S. an opportunity to shop and purchase unique Talavera pottery online. We offer consumers a hassle-free online shopping experience when they make orders and pay online (PayPal or credit/debit cards accepted). Conveniently, all packages are delivered safely and directly to your door.

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What is Talavera pottery?

Talavera pottery was introduced by Spaniards in Puebla, Mexico in 1531. Mexican Talavera pottery is a type of hand-made ceramic earthenware that showcases ornate hand-painted decorative designs, patterns, and vivid colors. Talavera pottery is hand-molded into beautiful shapes, figures, and forms; and upon completion, glazed and sealed with an opaque polish of tin oxide.  

We import this beautiful Mexican Talavera pottery directly from Mexico. Talavera pottery of exceptional quality is typically available for purchase from specialty retailers at a premium price. However, you should keep in mind that the popularity of Talavera pottery often spawns low-cost imitators. Authentic Mexican Talavera pottery will have a signature that affirms the production location at the base of each pot. 


How is Talavera made?

Several artisans from Talavera de la Reina, Spain established Talavera pottery workshops in Mexico to have access to the region's natural earth and most important resource: clay. The clay is processed, poured into molds, dried, patterned, painted, glazed, and then fired. The indigenous people of Mexico used the porous clay to formulate and produce the beautiful Mexican Talavera pottery that remains popular to to this day. 

A pottery guild was also formed in the Puebla, Mexico region to help artists maintain excellency standards. The guild enhances the pottery production process allowing more consistent and uniform Talavera pottery creations and designs. Mexican Talavera pottery emulates artistic techniques from multiple cultures and incorporates a variety of colors such as greens, reds, yellows, and blues. 

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